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Copywriting services

  • Website content
  • Brochures

$130 hour – 2 hour minimum 1 full edit included.  Bring your words to life and convey a professional image with professional copying writing.  We offer website content re-writes, brochure copy, newsletters, and blogs. Provide us with  what you have , and or an outline and we will do the rest!

contact management system

You need to keep track of your leads, current and past customers and your transactions. Triffid Online offers a CRM system that is linked to Mailchimp. Organize your database by prospects, customers, vendors and business partners.

Create specific email campaigns for cold to hot leads and past customers to keep you top of mind. This is part of the business services package offered in the Launch Pad package. Available to all clients! Call for more informatiom! Business Service Package- less than $55.00 a month.

one on one

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know.  You know your business, your product or service. You know you have a passion to provide others with your wares.  However, marketing, sales, accounting, taxes, websites and such aren’t your thing.  But they have to be done.  Triffid Online can take a look at your online presence and current marketing  and sales efforts and advise some courses of actions. Let you know what is working for you and against you. This is a mini version of the 90 minute consult for a full marketing services proposal.

We also can refer other professionals, whatever your level, to assist you in other areas of your business. After 45 minute online-presence consult you will leave with ideas, suggestions and tips on how to improve your ranking and image! only $85.00


Get access to all the documentation needed to run a business. Business plans, independent contractor agreements, non-disclosures, contracts, hiring forms, debt collection letters and more.

Learn from a series of videos about entity choice, funding options, payroll, writing business plans, contracts, networking, risk management, computer security and more!

Business consultations also available with a team of professionals. This is part of the Launch Pad package and also available to all clients! Business Service Package- less than $55.00 a month.


Small business on average spend $3383 in unintended legal fees every year. 60% of all small business experienced legal issues in the last 2 years.

From something as simple as debt collection and reviewing your contracts legal advice is more than necessary for small business. What would you do if an employee or client sued?

93% of the population believe lawyers are too expensive and 76% are hesitant to call one. But, if it was more affordable and you have exclusive use of a law firm at an incredibly affordable price would you use it? Heck yeah!

Part of the Launch Pad package that is available to all clients. Have a dedicated Law Firm on retainer for less than $50.00 a month

seo optimize

Search Engine Optimization now incorporates so much more than keywords and Meta-tags. Content must be relevant and not duplicate. Inbound links must be relevant, geo-local optimized correctly, landing pages and social media profiles are crucial.

Two other critical factors:
The website you use! – beware the free sites that are not optimized and who own your content. Templated sites offered to your industry have duplicate content will look exactly like the next guy’s site.

Social Engagement, if real people aren’t interested in your content, neither will a search engine. We can help you create the content, marketing messages, and all the typical SEO practices such as custom URL’s, meta-tags and description, Tracking URL’s, and structured data markup.

print advertising

Perfect for retail stores! Print marketing that stands out and sent to new residents every month. Zip code territories. Impressive glossy postcards. Exclusivity, affordable, trackable, follow up system and proven results.

You’re losing 16% to 18% of your customers every month because they move away! Grab the new residents while they are looking for a new favorite place to shop!

Small business, family owned or small franchises get the best results. If you own a restaurant of any type, hair care, auto service, gift shop, dry cleaning, lawn or pool service, or salon you owe it to your business to learn more! Call us now!


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