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You have a business, a dream, a service and you want the community to know about you.  How will they find you? What sets you apart from the competition? What will entice someone to check your store out?

First, they have to find you!  A website that can be found, and a business listing on Yelp and Google are a must. And there are big Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to these things. Things that if you don’t know how to do correctly could actually HURT your rankings and ability to show up in a search.

Triffid Online Marketing can set you up with an online presence, website, social media accounts and video.

What sets us apart?

For one thing, YOU own your domain, website, listings and hosting.  Unlike many marketing/website companies, we believe your domain and site belong to you and should not be held hostage.

The other thing, we are LOCAL! No 866 number and call center and tech help department in another state that has an attitude. Calls are answered, or if we are with a client, returned same day.  Patience and understanding is our attitude when you ask qustions. We know this isn’t your area of expertise and we will explain it in terms you can understand. We know the Phoenix area, we have personal connections that you need to run and increase your business. We even will refer you business!

Plus, you will receive video instructions and ongoing help to add or revise anything to your site. You will have the passwords and access to everything you need.  It is YOUR site after all! (we can purchase and host your site for you but it will always be transferred to you with no questions or charge should anything change!)


some tools we use:


It used to be difficult to measure your success with online marketing but with new tools a system of analytics can be set up on almost everything now! From your website to Facebook you can track how many people see you, what they like, how long they look, and how often they come back.  These systems are great to use in targeting content to your key audience.


Business Directory Listings

I highly recommend you list your business across many business directories…and get involved in them!  If you want others to know you are out there, reach out, interact, leave reviews.    If they have opportunities to post news or special offers use them and then share that information with your past, current and potential clients.  Some directories are geared toward Business to Business and osme Business to Consumer so it’s wise to know where to list your self and learn how to use their system.


Now that you have people finding you do you have a system set up to convert these potential leads into paying clients?  Building email lists and follow up systems are key in retaining a propect and turning them into a client.  Using a CRM and email campaign system is crucial! Then of course wowing them with your product or service so that they become raving fans to be set up into your referral system!



One thing that is commonly misunderstood is SEO. Search Engine Optimization.  What is it? How much does it cost?  What any business owner must understand is that SEO is not a “plug and play” option that can just be installed on their website or business profile.  There will always be some quick tweaks we can make to a site that will improve it’s ranking but SEO is an ongoing process.

Google is always changing something in it search algorithms and there are over 200 different ranking criteria that Google looks at in just a website.  SEO also includes your business profiles, activity on social media, business directories, blogs, opt ins and other factors. Our advanced and custom packages include Google Analytics and Webmaster tools so that we can better monitor and target your potential clients. We use custom URL’s, Tracking URL’s and Structured Data to help in your ranking.

Social Media

There are so many options here that it is easy to get overwhelmed.  If you don’t have a staff member who can focus on this marketing tactic or can’t afford to hire someone, just pick one platform and set aside 30 minutes once a week to learn a new tactic and practice it. If you see a small business do something that you want to do, connect with them, support them and reach out and ask!

These are the many things Triffid Online Marketing can help you set up and maintain to build your business. Contact us now for your  free consultation!


Member of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, Tempe South Rotary and many other networking groups allows for us to get to know our clients, and potential clients for our clients! We love to connect and refer people.

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