Using video to attract and connect with your fans on Facebook is actually quite simple. First of all you want to upload the video directly to Facebook in your video tab rather than linking from YouTube. Videos are fairly easy to produce with your phone as long as you have a small tripod and a quiet location. Video cameras are also fairly inexpensive but you also could go the professional route and hire someone. It is the editing of said video that can be the challenge!
Some ideas for types of video:
Share Tips, Advice or How-To videos. This is an easy way to build credibility and expertise and grow your audience. Doing this consistently and on a regular basis (every Wednesday for example) will help the relevancy of your page, especially if your videos entice fans to interact with your post. Just make sure your video offers actual value to your audience.
Record on Location. Do you visit your clients rather having them come to you? You could take a before, during and after video of your work. Or video an event that is related to your field, or that you are participating in that would be of interest to your audience. You could even go to the location of where you will be presenting or have a booth and use it as a promo video to entice people to attend!
Testimonial Videos. If your clients are happy ask them to share their appreciation. If they don’t want to be on camera they could stand beside you and state their name and say their kind words as you video capture the work you did. If there is nothing tangible to show you could create slides with their words written out.
Answer Audience Questions. Create a video of you answering a question that someone posed on your timeline and post the video in response. This shows the audience that you engaged with them and will solidify your expertise. You could also create a video in response to a question you are frequently asked.
Teaser Videos. If you have a longer video, say a presentation or extensive how-to video you can select a snippet of the full video and use a preview to attract watchers. Think movie trailer!